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Computer Video Editing Software

Computer video editing software is a tool for editing video clips on the computer. It is an advance editing tool that supports the importing and exporting of videos, adding or removing video clips, and the ability to add special effects and transition features to video sequences. Some computer video editing software also has the ability to encode a particular video into a format suitable for DVD, cell phone, video iPods or web video playback.

Some of the pioneer desktop video editing software are Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, Light works, Media 100, Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker, NERO 7 Ultra etc. This software greatly influences the way videos are edited for film and television programs.

Computer Video Editing Software

These computer video editing software packages work with video editing cards and on specific computers designed for non- linear picture editing. Non- linear picture editing is an entirely new concept in video editing where the software is capable of performing random access to any source material.

There is a huge variety of video editing software available for commercial purposes. They can also be accessed free of cost from the Internet. Some of the leading pc video editing software is discussed below:

* Adobe Premiere Element: It is a non-linear video editing software created by Adobe Systems. It works at a professional level and covers 99 videos/audio tracks with special effect features like picture-in-picture. Sony Vegas, Pinnacle studio, i Movie are some of its competitors. This software is available for XP/Vista versions of Windows operating systems. The different versions within Adobe Premiere Element software includes Adobe Premiere version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

* Final Cut Express: Final Cut Express Software is also a non linear video editing tool developed by the Apple company. It is specifically designed for advance video editing of videos. It is a consumer version of Final Cut Pro editing software. The software is used by professionals in the field of video editing.

* iMovie is a computer video editing software tool that basically serves the purpose of editing home movies. The software was designed by Apple. The software package includes feature like themes, real time effects, enhanced audio tools, multiple opening of projects, one video track with two audio tracks, sound effects, full screen previewing etc.

There is also some home video editing software that is available free of cost for all platforms. These are Virtual Dub software, Wax editing software, Avedit software, Zwei-Stein software, Chopper XP, Virtual Edit software, Avid Free DV etc, for Windows platform and Cinelerra, Lives, Kino, Avidemux for Linux platforms.

There is a variety of computer video editing software available for home and commercial use. You can choose a package that suits your feature and budget requirements.

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