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Digital Camera Accessories

Current Digital Camera Accessories

Digital Camera Accessories

Accessories are a kind of attachment to a product which, when attached, provide additional functionality or help to enhance the purpose of the product. Accessories for digital cameras bring additional benefits to the cameras. Some accessories for digital cameras and their features are discussed below:

* Digital Camera Cases: Cases are water proof bodies for digital cameras that prevent water from entering the camera. They are sometimes made transparent and can be flexible enough to use the camera operationally. These cases are uniquely designed so that they can fit standard camera manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Kodak etc with a flexible open and close zipper system. They sometimes have an ultra violet coated window for the camera lens that permits clear pictures to be taken underwater. These cases also protect the camera from dust and other elements. Such cases are effective in places like pools, water parks, beaches and construction areas.

Digital Camera Accessories

* Digital Camera Charger: A charger recharges camera batteries. Some are made light weight and slim for traveling purposes. The chargers come with an AC charger and a DC car cable for portable charging in vehicles. These chargers can recharge batteries to their full power capacity. The charger has temperature sensing capability and also indicates the charge status of the batteries.

* USB charge cables for digital cameras: These digital camera accessory cables are used to transfer data from the digital camera to a PC or laptop. They are light weight and compact. They serve the purpose of picture transfer as well as charging batteries.

* Mini USB cables for digital cameras: These mini USB cables are meant to connect four pin USB devices to our PC. These mini cables work with Sony, Kodak, HP and many other digital cameras. They are also compatible with MP3 Players. They have a twister pair construction that reduces the possibility of cross talk and ensures fast and error free data transfer. Interference of EMI's are reduced due to the shielding in these mini cables.

* AC power Adapter for digital cameras: Digital cameras consume power input quickly. An AC power adapter can provide power when it is possible to get it in AC form. These digital camera accessories are durable and can fit easily in to a camera bag. They are highly compatible and can protect the camera by filtering excessive current flow to prevent damage.

The above accessories for digital cameras provide useful functionality for the camera. The above mentioned accessories are available under different brand names and should be checked to ensure compatibility with your existing brand.

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