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Digital Camera Phone

Digital Camera Phone - An Advancement In Cell Phone Features

Digital Camera Phone

Digital Camera Phones are cell phones with built-in digital camera technology. When the camera mode of the phone is switched-on, the screen of the mobile becomes the screen of a camera that helps to view the object whose picture has to be taken. One of the buttons of the mobile becomes the trigger which, when clicked, captures the objects image. Some digital camera cell phones have a built-in flash facility too. The picture taken gets stored in the internal memory of the camera and we can view it again at any time. The picture can also be stored on a memory card, can be sent via e-mail to another mobile or to a computer.

The first phones with digital cameras that came into action were introduced by the SHARP company in the year 2000. Earlier cameras were VGA cameras. Today, technology has changed and current cameras have a resolution of 2 mega pixels and more. The greater the resolution, the more clear and effective the picture quality is.

Digital Camera Phone

Pictures taken by built-in digital cameras can be sent to other mobile phones through the Internet, e-mail or via computer. When an image is sent to some other mobile set, they get stored on to the carrier server of the mobile phone. The URL on which this picture can be found is provided to the receiver phone. On clicking this URL, the image can be viewed at the receivers end. In cases where they are sent by normal internet e-mails, they are sent in .jpg format as attachments in the e-mail.

Some advance versions of digital camera phones not only take still pictures but can capture video recordings. The length of these films varies depending on the model of the phone and the memory of the camera cell phone model. These models can either capture the film and send and receive films.

The best camera cell phones allow features like web accessing through the phone. For example Samsung SPH-a600 and SGHV-205 have these advance capabilities in them. Some major companies that are responsible for the production of quality digital camera phones in the market are Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sanyo, LG etc.

Best quality digital camera phones not only offer the ability to take pictures but one can zoom in or zoom out on the targeted image to capture a better shot. They also use some of the latest technologies like GSM and GPRS to facilitate communication with other services.

The most recent cell phone camera technologies are very advanced. Not only do they provide usable features to consumers but they are also packaged in an attractive, slim and elegant design.

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