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What Are The Digital Photo Printer Options?

Digital Photo Printer

A digital camera enthusiast's repertoire is not complete without a digital photo printer to bring digital images to real life pristine reproduction quality. With the diverse range of printers available in today's market, it is difficult to know which option to go for. Generally speaking, digital photo printers can be isolated according to cost and functionality. They can be further categorized according to the requirements of their end use. The home digital enthusiast will not necessarily need to have a commercial grade digital photo printer because the volume of use will not match that of the commercial counterpart. With portability becoming a front and centre requirement, portable printers are now starting to hit the market to cater to the growing needs of the busy lifestyle and business traveler. Here is some additional information to consider before purchasing your digital picture printer.

Basic student and home enthusiast:

Digital Photo Printer

Students and home users typically do not require digital camera printers that have high speed or resolution requirements. Hewlett Packard, Dell and Cannon have a range of basic printers that can cater to these needs. The print resolution is not as high as commercial grade machines and they are not built for print speed. Some factors to consider in your choice include compatibility and print ribbon replacement costs. Some machines such as Dell require you to purchase ribbons from the manufacturer. This can often be more costly than the standard range of ribbons you can purchase from an office supplier.

Business/Commercial User:

The business or commercial user usually demands a higher resolution and faster output printer. These machines are often calibrated to optimize image quality. In some cases, they are suitable for text document printing but you need to research the specifications of the machine to determine if this is the case. Many companies that have high quality digital photo reproduction requirements purchase separate hardware to cater to text and image printing. These machines are more robust and costly than the basic digital photo printer models. Any of the major business retailers can provide you with a range of digital photo printers to choose from. You can compare the online websites of the major manufacturers such as HP, Cannon and Dell for more precise functionality comparison and to keep up to date with the latest release and feature developments.

Business/Life Style Traveler:

The portability of these units is for the serious demands of busy lifestyle or business travelers. The convenience of interfacing directly with your digital camera, light portability and the flexibility of battery power driven options adds to the versatility and appeal of these models. The progression of technological development has created models that closely rival the desktop counterparts for quality and speed.

Determine the primary use of your digital photo printer, establish a budgetary range and compare the models offered by the manufacturers online. You will then be able to make an informed decision.

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