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Digital Photo Storage

What Are The Digital Photo Storage Options?

Digital Photo Storage

The growing digital landscape and the proliferation of digital cameras has created a need for digital photo storage solutions. Digital cameras are now replacing conventional photography as the preferred photo medium. Disposable film is being replaced by file storage requirements. Storing and maintaining holiday, fun time and memorable family images present a challenge for safekeeping. Just what are the options for digital photo storage?

Digital Photo Memory Sticks: These portable digital photo storage devices provide the flexibility to store and retrieve photo, music and document files. If your digital photo storage needs only require minimal space requirements (1GB - 4GB) the cost of memory card photo storage can be very attractive. Price range varies between $35 - $90 USD.

Digital Photo Storage

Pendant Digital Photo Storage Key rings: Digital frame pendants are a 'cute' option for storing personal photos. These viewers have very limited storage capacity (256mb) but permit personal slide viewing for your favorite pictures. The retail cost varies, depending on make and model but is usually with the $70 - $90 range.

DVD/CD Burner: This is the preferred option for home personal storage requirements. Although you are limited by the size of the disc you burn to, the flexibility to burn to unlimited discs makes the DVD/CD burner the most widely used choice for large data and archiving purposes. Most computers now come with standard issue equipment so making additional purchasers for digital photo storage is not necessary.

Digital Photo Storage Frames: These devices permit single or slide show viewing of your favorite images. You can view as many images as your memory card holds. The attractive designs and LCD screens can be matched according to your home decor requirements. With the ability to incorporate background music, these devices can be a favorite for personal home use and to add ambience to a room full of guests. Cost estimates range form $250 onwards.

Online Digital Photo Storage: With growing online social networking and collaboration, digital file sharing is becoming part of worldwide culture. Digital photo album services such as and provide server space for personal digital storing. Constructing online galleries and sharing this with friends is becoming a great medium to allow people located in different geographical locations to share life experience and stay in touch.

New technology is hitting the market and introducing new digital photo storage devices on a continual basis. With the growing use of digital cameras and the expanding social networking trends, you can expect digital photo storage solutions to continue to evolve.

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