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Since the introduction of digital camera, digital photography has been growing in popularity. Handy software and ready made computer interfacing has contributed to the ease at which people can create and maintain digital photo's. A digital photo viewer can be a storage solution, have built in editing capability or provide a convenient way to showcase snapshots of your favorite pastime. Digital photo viewers can be in the form of hardware accessories or software. Let's examine some of the common digital picture viewers that dominate the market today.

An example of a highly portable digital photo viewer is the Kodak easyshare picture viewer. This device is roughly the size of a credit card. It comprises a high resolution display that you can use to view your favorite stills or to cycle through a series of snapshots. You can interface with your computer using the easyshare software and store up to 150 images. The unit also interfaces with Kodak based printers for easy printing capability and the built in navigation console permits the end user to catalogue images for later email delivery. If you like to capture and share your personal past times, this digital viewer has the storage capacity and transportability to meet your needs.

Digital Photo Viewer

A digital picture viewer that can connect to your TV can bring back life like memories. The SanDisk digital photo viewer is an example of such a device. This technology allows you to insert a memory card and interface with the TV. It is the size of a VHS video tape, and can support multiple languages and media formats. It permits still or slide show image rotation and has zoom and remote control capability to enhance the end user viewing experience.

Personal computer digital photo viewer software permits the cataloguing, viewing and manipulation of digital photos from your pc workstation. With indexing, search and export slide show functionality, you can enjoy your pictures from your computer or convert then to DVD format. With the ability to print and store photo archives, photo software can be a convenient choice for the digital photography lover who enjoys having full control over his images from the computer.

An example of digital photo album viewing software is a program called ACDSEE. This image viewer permits split screen show casing, slide show viewing, image manipulation and email forwarding, photo fixing for poorly exposed pictures and printing capability. You can also archive and lock photos to prevent the image tampering.

The above examples are the most common digital photo viewer options on the market today. With the rapid progression of technology, new and superior gadgets are sure to available in the upcoming years.

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