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Lcd Digital Photo Frames

Features Of LCD Digital Photo Frames

Lcd Digital Photo Frames

LCD Digital Photo Frames are the latest accessory to display your most cherished digital snapshots. If you are a digital enthusiast who has been bitten by the digital bug, then you will be delighted to know that you now purchase a range of equipment to showcase your favorite past times. Lcd digital picture frames come in a variety of different sizes with a range of different functionality. You can tailor your purchase to suit your home décor and space restrictions or buy a keyring sized display to take as a reminder on your travels. The cost of these frames also varies. Some common options are discussed below.

Digital Frames: They come in an assortment of sizes and allow you to plug in compatible memory cards. You can make your selection according to the size you desire. The standard sizing ranges from 7 to 12 inches. These frames allow you to play photos, watch movies and listen to your favorite MP3 music files. The displays can be customized so that the background and photos are interrelated and you can connect to a video device and use the screen as a viewer.

Lcd Digital Photo Frames

Digital Frames with Built in Speakers: With LCD digital picture frames accommodating USB flash drives and most memory cards, you can now use these digital frames to display videos. With the ability to customize settings, you can site back, relax, and enjoy the show. This is now a common feature of digital LCD digital frames.

Digital Frames with Remote Control: The days of static photo display are long gone. You now plug in your digital card, choose how you want your photos displayed: thumbnails, a single image, a slide show or video and use the remote control to adjust your settings. If you have a pictbridge compatible printer, you can print out top quality reproductions of your favorite snapshots.

Digital Key Ring Chains: These are for the enthusiast who wants to carry a portable version of your favorite photos. You can enjoy all the benefits of conventional digital frames but in the convenient size of a keyring. Screen sizes can vary from 4 inches with the full capability to select either the slideshow or browse through them manually. They also have different storage and battery life capacity. In some models they have a built in shut off mechanism that automatically kicks in when the screen is not in use. These key ring chains make great gift ideas for friends and family.

New LCD digital photo frames are hitting the stores frequently. The above examples prove some insight into the most common available features.

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