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Photo editors are a fast and convenient source of image manipulation and editing. These photo editors run on both Windows and Mac platforms. Mac photo editors can be classified according to the technical and financial cost of the product. An advanced form of Mac photo editor has more features and is more costly to purchase. Free or basic photo editors for beginners have limited features and functionality. Here are some common Mac photo editors:

1. Advanced photo editor for Mac: These photo editors offer image editing based upon bitmaps. The editors have painting and picture enhancement features. These photo editors are quite flexible and stable for business or professional use.

Mac Photo Editor

Here are some of the advanced photo editors suitable for professional work:

* Adobe Photoshop: This software holds the industry standards in graphic design, digital imaging and editing of photographs. It is a flexible tool that includes many photo enhancement features. Adobe has a support for 16 to 32 bit color resolution for images. This photo editor is costly and has a $599 price for new users and $149 for upgrading from the earlier version. This is the standard industry tool used by Mac photo editing professionals.

* ACD Systems Canvas: Canvas is an environment for medium to advance graphic application users on Windows or Mac Platforms. It is a platform independent, integrated environment tool for editing pictures. It also includes painting and photo editing tools.

* Corel Painter: Corel Painter is more of an artist tool that has a number of painting tools. It supports photo enhancement functions like web based graphic capabilities, automated features and some non-traditional tools.

2. Beginner Mac picture editors. Some common examples are:

* Photo Line 32: This is for both Mac and Windows operating systems. These editors have tools for vector and pixel based editing. They also offer tools and features to filter, adjust transparency, provide layer and flexible editing.

* Arc Soft Photo Studio X: This Macintosh photo editor provides special effects, digital retouching, editing and enhancement features. It includes a picture organizer and integrated access to photo sharing websites.

* Micro Spot Photo Fix: This has a minimum set of photo editing features. It is affordable, easy to use and offers tools that are needed to enhance digital pictures with professional results.

3. Free and budget mac image photo editors: These are designed for individuals who cannot afford costly photo editors. Such editors are developed by dedicated individuals. Some examples of free photo editors are Seashore, Pixel, Future Paint and Rainbow Painter,

These are some common mac photo editor software solutions.

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