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Memory Digital Cameras

Know More About Digital Camera Memory

Memory Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a computerized device used for taking pictures. The pictures taken are stored in the memory of the digital camera. According to their size, there are a variety of digital camera memories on the market. They are classified on the basis of technology and their capacity. If we intend to buy a digital camera, then it is important to gain some knowledge about digital camera memory.

A common example of memory used in digital cameras is Memory Cards. These memory cards can be used again and again, have a limited capacity to store pictures and can be installed as and when required. Usually a digital camera comes with low capacity memory cards. You need to purchase high capacity cards individually. Before buying a digital memory card, one should be aware of the actual requirements for the memory. This involves an understanding of capacity requirements to ensure functional fit.

Memory Digital Cameras

Digital cameras nowadays have higher picture resolutions. In order to support such a high pixel rate, it becomes important to have high capacity memory cards. A lower capacity memory card can hold only 64 Mb of data in it. A larger one can hold 1 Gb of data. The digital camera memory storage supported presently is 64 Mb, 128 Mb, 256 Mb, 512 Mb and 1 Gb. Digital camera memory also varies in shape according to the type of digital camera they fit into.

There are a few different categories of memory cards for digital cameras:

Category1: Linear Flash Memory Card for Digital Cameras, PCMCIA These are a type of flash card that work with certain specific models like Dakota, Momitsu etc. The cards under this category range from a minimum of $69 to $350.

Category2: ATA Flash Camera Memory Cards These are Type1 and Type2 PCMCIA flash memory cards. They work with Sandisk, Silicon systems, APRO etc. The price of memory cards under this category ranges from $67 to $1249.

Category3: Type1 Hard Disks or Type2 Micro Drive Memory Cards This category of cards are no longer available on the market. You can choose from compact flash cards for industrial purposes.

Category4: Compact Flash Memory Cards for Digital Cameras This category of memory cards are for industrial use and they are perfect to face severe conditions like temperature changes, vibrations exposed to by industry requirements. There price ranges from a minimum of $55 to maximum $699.

Category5: Seagate Photo Hard Drive Memory Cards: Digital cameras with Type2 compact flash slots can use these memory cards. They range from very cheap memory cards at a price of $10 to more costly memory cards at a maximum price of $189.

With such a wide variety of memory for digital cameras, the consumer can suffer from choice overload. It is important to do your research and decide which digital camera memory solution is right for you.

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