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Online Photo Editors - Some Types

Online Photo Editor

Online photo editors are a web based technology that enables us to do photo editing on the internet. If you are away on vacation, and don't have access to a computer with digital photo manipulation software, you can now use the convenience of the internet to edit your images.

Online photo editors, though limited in functionality and features, are a powerful tool for picture editing. They provide the ability to resize the picture, rotate and optimize, control brightness, contrast control and perform color adjustments. Some of these online image editors also provide filters like blur and sharpness control. These free photo editors also work on conventional browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Online Photo Editor

Examples of online digital photo editors include: Picnik online editor, Picture2Life editor, Fauxto, Pixenate editor and Snipshot editor. The features of each are discussed below:

* Picnik Editor: This editor is more than just a simple red eye corrector and rotator type photo editor. It has a very slick interface which requires no registration to try out. The moment the editor senses the images, it starts loading and editing them. Pictures can be loaded into the editor through direct PC upload, URL, Yahoo Image search etc. The size of the file does not matter with this editor. It has basic image editing tools like rotation, resizing, red eye correction, color correction and all these features are fixed by automated tools. There is a menu option in this editor called creative tools that offers some advanced special effect features.

* Fauxto Online Editor: Fauxto is a simple and sophisticated version of Photoshop. The key features of this editor are layers and filters. The editor can open GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF format of image files but can not open a PSD file from Photoshop. It permits opening multiple files in a tabbed view of a window. The editing tools available in this editor are: marker, rotate, eye dropper, text, smudge, marquee, paint bucket, box etc.

* Picture2life Editor: This is an easy way to edit pictures. It gives us a bandwidth of 25 MB per month along with a free account. The pictures to be edited are either picked from a standard file or can be drag and dropped from a web based box. The editing features are crop, flip, hue, invert, rotate, grayscale, color, brightness, gamma, contrast, resize etc. The special effects features are jitter, pixelate, picture text, emboss, sharpen etc.

* Snipshot On line photo editor: It has quite a simple interface with just five editing buttons: adjust button, rotate button, resize button, enhance and crop buttons. Editing starts as soon as the editor detects the pictures in the folder. The key editing features are saturation, sharpness, size, brightness, hue and contrast.

This is just a basic introduction to some common types of online photo editors. There are many more if you take the time to do a search.

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