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Photo Repair To Restore Those Precious Moments

Photo Repair

Everybody has sweet memories of the past. We all remember the happy days and want to store them as pictures. Whatever the occasion is, we all take pictures and feel happy when we view them afterwards or show them to friends or family members. These images are treasured memories and something we want to maintain forever. But with time, these photographs can manifest damage marks on their surface. Scratches and dust particles add a fading effect to these pictures. A person does not enjoy watching them any more. As time passes by, they get even duller and damaged. But thanks to various photo repair technologies, it is easy to restore them to their original former glory.

There are digital methods that repair photographs without damaging the original picture. The tools that repair the photograph take care of the contrast, brightness, sharpness and color quality of the picture. They can undo any kind of marks or scratches on the picture. They also completely replace damaged and missing areas.

Photo Repair

The tool used for repairing the pictures is a type of computer software. The restoration procedures involve enhancing the pictures, manipulating them and then repairing the picture. This software can also add special effects to the picture. With special features, it is possible to add or remove an object in the picture. It is also possible to turn a colored picture into black and white and a black and white picture into color. Modern digital photo repair is very advanced. It can restore damaged images to their former pristine glory.

Digital image repair tools also have the ability to remove wrinkles, pimples or any kind of scars from a face in a picture. Digital enhancement also provides the ability to make someone look younger or slimmer in the picture.

An image that needs repair is scanned first. It is then profiled by digital image repair software and classified according to a grading standard. Major, minor or moderate photo restoration may be required depending on the extent of the damage. The image is then enhanced and manipulated according to the required specifications.

Some photo services that are available in the market are:

* Collages photo services that recreate a totally new picture from the damaged one.

* Colorization photo services add colors to black and white pictures.

* DVD and Power point slide presentation for show casing photographs.

* Photo Scanning services for storing the images safely.

* Digital Cosmetic photo services for eliminating facial deformities.

Professional digital picture repair services are useful for people who want to maintain, restore, enhance or manipulate cherished images.

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