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Types Of Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Digital technology has totally revolutionized the photography world. In past age time, photo restoration was a more difficult endeavor. Thanks to the invention of digital technology, image manipulation technology now makes possible what was either tedious or past age impossible to do.

A photograph needs to be repaired to remove the effects or wear and time. Dust, scratches, marks, and color fading are a natural consequence of human handling.If digital photo restoration is not applied, in time the image will fade and will no longer be viewable.

Photo Restoration

An image that is subject to picture restoration procedures is judged by photo restoration software and graded according to whether the image needs minor, medium or extreme restoration. Different image enhancement and manipulation procedures are applied to change the color, texture and clarity of the image.

Minor photo restoration means repair of minor things like scratches, color, brightness, background etc in a picture. The price of such a photo restoration is not more than $20.

Moderate photo restoration is more typical than minor restoration. It helps to repair areas in the picture that are damaged, blemished or require color tone. A standard image restoration price for this service is around the $30 mark.

Major photo restoration helps to repair major holes, creases, any kind of major marks on the picture and edges that got torn up. This restoration procedure is applied to highly damaged images and pictures. Photograph restoration for this service is around $40.

Extreme photo restoration has the ability to restore pictures that have missing pieces within the picture. It is essentially a reconstruction service. All creases, lettering and torn edges can be amended by this restoration procedure. The price of this type of image restoration is around the $50 mark.

There is also another photo restoration procedure called digital retouching. It is the most minimal form of restoration. It is used for very slight changes. For example, the removal of a mole on the face in the picture would constitute digital retouching.

There are also more advanced features of photo restoration that deal with special effects. The use of a photo fixing tool allows the complete alteration of an image. An example of this is changing the background of an image by superimposing a new layout. A practical example of this is projecting the image of a person standing next to a lake.

Thanks to photo restoration technology, it is now practically possible to restore images in any condition to their former glory.

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