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Photo To Dvd

Creating a slide show or repurposing images to turn photos to DVD is now a possibility for digital camera enthusiasts who want to turn their treasured snapshots into a real life multimedia DVD. With the ability cut, crop, reduce redness, add captions, stream background music and add special effects, photo to DVD software can bring even the most mundane images to life. Whether you want to create a DVD to showcase to family, share with your closest friends or distribute to your business associates, photo to DVD software can help you to achieve your goals.

What are some popular Photo To DVD applications:

Photo To Dvd

Wondershare DVD slideshow builder. This software is a desktop application that can covert your images to a professionally finished slideshow. The functional capability includes the following:

* drag and drop transition effects to add real life movie appeal

* an intuitive interface with tools to optimize photos

* built in commands to add captions and quotations

*tools to add light effects or reduce redness

*design options to customize the menu for a professional polished appeal

* Pre made menus, templates, backgrounds and music to enhance your images

* share the finished product through multiple mediums: export to DVD, repackage for iPhone, repurpose for zune, Ipod and 3G Phones or convert to an internet compatible format. (

Microsoft Photo Story 3

A downloadable application from the Microsoft site, this software provides you with all the functionality to turn your pictures to DVD. With wizard like functionality, you can narrate the story line, add your own voice to describe memories, add text, create special effects, stream your favorite music and export the digital photos to DVD. Functional features include the following:

* resize images on the fly

* print and scan your photos

* soften the edges of your photos

* banish blemishes with retouching

* eliminate red eyes

* remove unwanted objects from you photos

* create calendars or resize images for email

The Microsoft site has a digital photography 'how to centre' to learn the full functional capability of the software. The easy to use and intuitive interface that are hallmarks of Microsoft products make learning this software a breeze. The help files and Microsoft site should assist you to learn the ropes but if you want to expand your skill set, you can also do an internet search for web sites that have a range of tutorials on using Photo Story 3 and transferring your digital pictures to DVD. (

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