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What Are The Options To Share Digital Photos?

Share Digital Photo

The digital revolution and social networking has created an atmosphere where communities of like minded people can keep in touch and share life's experiences. Many websites now have biography sections that encourage people to put a face to a name. Adding the human touch adds a more 'life like' experience to the conversational process.

How To Share A Digital Photo Online:

Share Digital Photo

Geographical boundaries can now be transcended with internet technology. Blogs and photo sharing galleries now provide a medium for people on the other side of the world to keep in touch. Just what are the options for sharing digital photos?

Online Galleries and Software:

Web sites that provide server space to upload, repurpose and display digital photos are a perfect solution for sharing digital photos. In most cases, these services can be used for free. Some common digital photo sharing sites include:

Flickr: ( A site owned and operated by Yahoo, Flickr allows you to do the following:

* upload digital photos from desktop, send by email or use your camera phone

* Setup tags and collections to organize your photos

* Use groups to share photos

* Use maps to share where your photos were taken

* Create cards, photo books, framed prints and DVD's

* Get updates from friends and family

Prospective users can create an account and have full access to using this online service.

Google Picasa: ( A site owned by Google, Picasa is a free software download that helps you organize, repurpose, upload and share digital photos. You can create web albums through the web service which you can upload to from the software. This permits online viewing, scrolling and rotating. You can even share digital picture comments with caption add ons.

Photobucket ( A free site that permits sharing digital photos, storing videos and distributing amongst friends using email, instant messenger or mobile phone. You can create slide shows with music or add special effects and captions.

Photostory 3 (from Microsoft) With full editing and manipulation capabilities, this software allows you to share digital photos by compress your photos into a single small file. You can email, watch from your computer, view form TV or portable device, burn to DVD or create a CD. If the end user has Windows media player 10 mobile, the files can be viewed on pocket pc, smart phones and portable media centers.

These are just a handful of the available software and web sites that can help you share digital photos and celebrate past 'fun times'.

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