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Underwater Disposable Digital Camera

Modern Underwater Disposable Digital Cameras

Underwater Disposable Digital Camera

Pictures taken by us either solve some personal or professional purpose. Photographs taken at a marriage party, promotion or function solve the purpose of capturing memories of good times. Pictures taken at a place where crime has taken place or pictures taken underwater solve a professional purpose. Underwater pictures are generally taken to entertain and inform people, about what happens underneath the water, or for professional purposes such as to highlight damage to underwater structures.

Taking clear pictures under the water is made possible by the use of digital underwater cameras. If one is going to shoot underwater only for a specific occasion, then buying an underwater disposable digital camera is the best option. This is because standard underwater digital cameras are quite expensive.

Underwater Disposable Digital Camera

Underwater digital cameras are sometimes flexible enough to use outside of the water. To many, underwater digital cameras are a better option than standard underwater cameras that require film. A film camera can run out of film during the middle of an important shoot. This disruption is minimal with a digital camera. They give sharper pictures, are operational at around four times the depth of field, and can operate at extremely low light levels.

Furthermore, a digital camera can play a strobe at a speed of 1/800th of a second compared to a standard film camera's speed limitation of 1/60th to 1/250 th of a second. These underwater digital cameras have the ability to focus up to 8 inches or less for close ups in underwater environments.

Disposable underwater cameras are a special type of underwater digital cameras which are meant for one time use. They have only a few features of more advanced underwater cameras because they are cheaper and designed for limited use.

Features that do not work in disposable underwater cameras are:

* Close-up photography is of no use in these cameras because their focus is set at the time of manufacture.

* Retain color and picture brightness only in shallow water. Disposable underwater digital cameras are categorized as amphibious underwater cameras and housed underwater cameras.

* Amphibious underwater cameras can be used in the water without the need for housing. They are waterproof for a depth of up to 100 feet. These underwater cameras are digital cameras as well as film cameras. They come with a variety of accessories and are wonderful for beginners. They are further classified in to Range finder and SLR cameras. Range finders have a view finder feature and the photographer does not have to look through the lens when taking the photo. SLR cameras require lens viewing when taking the photo.

* Housed underwater cameras are more versatile than amphibious cameras. They use waterproof box housing for digital and film cameras. They can be more costly and challenging to use.

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